The ‘foraged’ chocolate plate
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The ‘foraged’ chocolate plate

Introducing OXO's foraged Valrhona chocolate plate!

Our head of Pastry, Penny, is well known for her extensive knowledge of all things confectionary, however you might not know that she is also extremely knowledgeable on the world of foraging.
Foraging is the act of gathering wild food from nature. If done sustainably and safely it can be an extremely rewarding activity and produce some delicious dishes.
Penny has incorporated our new chocolate plate with some seasonal foraged elements including cherry blossom and lemon balm. Here’s a break down of this one of a kind dessert. 
White chocolate parfait, lemon balm
– Fresh lemon balm, found in many wild rural areas. It has light citrus notes that complement the white chocolate.
Caramel chocolate tart, sweet woodruff
– Caramel flavoured chocolate, toped with dark chocolate shards
– Woodruff is usually found around this time of year in woodland areas, look out for small delicate white flowers. The woodruff is dried to enhance aromatic flavours.
Layered chocolate truffle, sour cherry, milk chocolate and cherry blossom
– Dark kalingo chocolate flavoured with sour cherry puree
– Top layer Jivana chocolate flavoured with cherry blossom, a Japanese flower (Sakura) is often found across most of the UK around this time of year, it also makes a delicious tea when tea dried.
Warm chocolate fondant, ground ivy and raspberry
– Raspberry chocolate ganache
– Related to the mint plant, ground ivy is found around edges of woodlands and warm sunny areas, its has bright purple flowers which cover the surface making it easy to spot.
– Flavour notes of herbs and sage.
The new Valrhona Chocolate plate is available on the restaurant menu.