OXO x StreetSmart
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OXO x StreetSmart

OXO and StreetSmart Christmas 2022

For almost as long as the OXO Tower Restaurant has been serving customers, we have supported our valued partners StreetSmart. Established in 1998 StreetSmart are a team of people dedicated to supporting local charities with a reputation for helping the homeless in the UK. To date they have raised over £11m. With many still being affected by the pandemic, the need to support people remains as important today as ever. In 2019 we pledged our support to Groundswell for a second year, raising an incredible £12,486.

Last year, OXO pledged allegiance to Oasis Community housing in the London borough of Southwark. This project has helped address the mental health of the young people living in Oasis properties in Southwark. By providing a dedicated Mental Health Support Worker who will be integrated into the housing team and will provide a range of 1-1 and group mental health support.

One to one sessions with young residents will allow them to explore their mental health needs in a safe environment with confidential professional support.

To read more about this great operation and the work they do, head to https://www.oasiscommunityhousing.org/

Fundraising at the OXO runs all year round with funds raised through the sale of bread and our Seeds of Change ‘mocktail’. from the 1st November through the Christmas period, ending on December 31st, a discretionary pound is added to each tables bill with 100% of funds raised going towards helping the homeless.

Over the course of 2021, thanks to the generosity of our guests, we have raised an incredible £32,272. We would like to thank all who donated over the year to support StreetSmart. If you would like to support this campaign and can’t make it for a visit to OXO please feel free to do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/streetsmart

Thank you.