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Sofly X OXO

Brasserie art wall by Sophy Robson

You Do You Hun

Sophy Robson is an artist known for her impactful graffiti and innovative nail art. Sophy’s murals carry a strong message of empowerment in a bold and feminine style that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the male-dominated medium that is graffiti.

Sophy is a well-known local community figure, organising events for International Women’s Day and running the popular Live Graffiti workshops programme at the iconic Leake Street Arches. Her workshops are designed to empower and encourage young women into the world of street art by giving them a platform to express themselves. Her passion to work with social organisations to make graffiti an inclusive activity is echoed by OXO’s drive to actively contribute to our community, so we couldn’t think of a better takeover for our brasserie wall.

You Do You Hun, is designed to make people stop and feel good about themselves through bright colours and relatable imagery whilst, also challenging deep-rooted societal inequalities. This piece is expressive of Sophy’s feelings of anxiety towards the current global climate emergency and the patriarchal structures of society.
In a digital world, we are constantly bombarded with messages and ads about the next best fad. Our capacity to consume is immeasurable, often to the detriment of more vulnerable societies and even ourselves.

Graffiti is about freedom of expression. Sophy chooses to paint positive messages in public environments, making art accessible to the masses. By using popular cultural references throughout her work, she breaks down barriers between art, and audience, which is an act of activism within itself.

As an artist, she is fulfilled by seeing people engage with her work. Her artist tag ‘So Fly’ engages with her audience as people connect with what being So Fly means to them on an individual level. So, take yourself for dinner and be sure to check out You Do You Hun, on the Brasseries art wall!

Artist credit:
Sophy Robson