Meet Pem Izett
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Meet Pem Izett

Meet Pem, our extraordinary florist for the past 27 years.

We recently sat down with her to have a conversation about her professional journey, entrepreneurial spirit, and the changing landscape of floral design.

From pioneering unique balloon displays to crafting stunning floral arrangements, Pem’s journey exemplifies creativity and sustainability in the floral industry. She shared rich memories from the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebration at OXO to incorporating living plants into the Harvey Nichols’ flagship store.

Her reputation for innovative decor and commitment to consciously making green choices are unmatched. She’s passionate about the interconnectedness of quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and consumer behaviour in the floral industry. Pem continually highlights the need for continued creativity and adaption in response to evolving trends in this space, as well as environmental concerns.

Pem’s creative vision and dedication shown through her exquisite floral designs create lasting memorable experiences for both our customers and employees.