Hello StreetSmart!
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Hello StreetSmart!

Supporting House of St Barnabas

OXO are excited to be supporting StreetSmart for Christmas 2023

For almost as long as the OXO Tower Restaurant has been serving customers, we have supported our valued partners StreetSmart. Established in 1998 StreetSmart are a team of people dedicated to supporting local charities with a goal for helping the homeless in the UK. To date they have raised over £12m. From March 2022 to April 2023, the Homelessness and Information Network recorded 10,053 people sleeping rough in London. A 54% increase since 2013.

Fundraising at the OXO runs from the 1st November through the Christmas period, ending on December 31st, a discretionary pound is added to each tables bill and a donation from the sale of  bread and our Seeds of Change ‘mocktail’ go towards helping the homeless. If you would like to donate more, please just ask!

This year we have pledged our allegiance to House of St Barnabas. A members club on 1 Greek Street. Their vision is “to create a future where sustained employment is a reality for those affected by homelessness.” It has been constituted as a members’ club since 2013. They hosts music and entertainment events, and also showcases visual art from established and emerging artists. They run a 12-week scheme in which participants work in the club, in hospitality and administrative roles, alongside attending workshops, before graduating with a City and Guilds qualification. Graduates are provided with a minimum of one year post-programme support to help them back into lasting paid work and to help break the cycle of homelessness.

We would like to thank all who donated over the year to support StreetSmart. If you would like to support this campaign and can’t make it for a visit to OXO please feel free to do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/streetsmart

Thank you.