Golden Hour
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Golden Hour

Presenting the second in the series of OXO Arts

On a quest to find our next local artist to produce the second in our series of OXO Arts, we stayed close to our shores and visited The London Illustration Fair just across the courtyard in the Barge House. We met some incredible artists exhibiting unique styles of illustrations. Among them was none other than Molly Maine

What we loved about Molly’s style was the way she captured perspective, not to mention the vibrant colour palettes and the cityscapes. With an architecturally impressive dining room in the brasserie, framed down one side with views of London and an open plan kitchen on the other there was no shortage of ‘action’ to capture. And, as Spring started to wake, the colour palette was inspired by warm, sunny colours, the subtle hues of golden hour and those incredible sunsets.

So now, we are pleased to present the latest in the series of OXO Arts GOLDEN HOUR  by Molly Maine.

You can read Mollie’s story here