Where does our beef come from?
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Where does our beef come from?

The importance of the supplier

When it comes to sourcing our beef, we pay careful attention to ensure we work only with people who share our values.

OXO’s Beef comes from Taste Tradition. Third generation family farmers, they are situated in the beautiful North York Moors National Park. With a wealth of farming knowledge, they take their business very seriously by raising specific breeds of cattle suited to outdoor rearing. The Ashbridge family produce great tasting, quality beef with increased amounts of omega 3 oils – one of the lesser known health benefits of grass-fed. Their cows are grass-fed all year round with a small amount of supplement feed given in the winter months to provide a boost when grass is sparse. This method of farming is labour intensive and lower in energy, meaning these particular breeds of cow take longer to mature. While this results in more methane emissions over their lifetime, we support the strong evidence that grazed-on grassland plays a key role in reducing carbon. The end result is beef with a beautiful marbling and fantastic flavour.

We work hard to improve the impact of our business on the environment. This year we will be sharing more stories about the way we work and our environmental considerations. We hope the above is of interest, thank you for reading.

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